Video Surveillance

Are you considering a camera system for your home or business? We at Home Security Service have the solution for you! We've installed camera systems for police stations, fire departments, transfer stations, Veteran Clubs, retail stores, gas stations, town offices, apartment complexes, distribution warehouses, car dealerships, car washes, farms, mechanic shops and homes - both big and small! 


With over 45 years in the security industry, you can only imagine the changes we've seen with camera system technologies. Today's cameras are half the size they used to be and record crisp, HD quality video. We only use reliable, professional grade surveillance equipment by top manufacturers - none of that stuff you'll find on department store shelves. Our systems are very user friendly and offer remote viewing via mobile apps or a internet connected computer. 


Hardwired Systems:

We take our time planning out our installations. We want to be able to get the most amount of coverage as possible with each camera. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) chosen for a install determines how many cameras that system can have by the amount of "channels" it supports. You want to think about how many cameras you may want or need - not only at the time of installation but down the road too. Typical recorders come with either 4, 8, or 16 channels.


Wireless Systems:

Using your existing secure WiFi network, wireless cameras are the perfect solution for watching over your property. Setup customized motion detection notifications and have the clip sent directly to your phone! With the new Video Analytics service plan, the cameras can scan, detect and notify you of people, animals and vehicles. They can also fully integrate with your connected security system. For more information about some of our wireless systems and their features, click here.