Our new partnership brings YOU cutting edge technology with the service you've come to expect!

We at Home Security Service are always focused on providing our customers with the best products and services to make their homes or businesses as secure as possible. With technology getting more and more advanced by the day, the security industry is as well. Founded in 2000, Alarm.com invented a new way to remotely monitor and manage security systems. Today, with their award-winning, reliable technology connected to your security system you can control just about anything. Turn on/off your security system, lights, control thermostats, lock/unlock doors, open/close garage doors, view video, and get real-time notifications sent to you plus much, much more. In addition to having ability to control all of that, the Alarm.com module that connects to your security system is also a cellular radio that will transmit all alarm signals to the monitoring company via a cell network. No need to have a landline for your security system anymore! This one module connected to your security system can do it all. With different Service Plans to choose from, Alarm.com can tailor fit your needs.

We became an Authorized Alarm.com Dealer to offer this new, exciting technology to all of our existing customers. We can add the Alarm.com module to your existing security system, there is no need to upgrade your panel, keypads, wireless devices or anything! Alarm.com will seamlessly integrate into your existing system.

Now that the hotter weather is upon us, it's time for air conditioners to be installed. Unfortunately, window mounted units are targets for burglars. Most of us just slide the ac in the window, plug it in and consider it installed. It takes little effort for a burglar to pull the ac out and come in through your window, especially if it's on the ground floor. We've seen it happen several times... Check out this link for tips on how to secure that window! 


Burglar Proof Your Window AC